To have access to your App analytics and insights is the key to precisely engage the acquired users by providing the value they are seeking.

The moment your app starts witnessing a dozen of installs, you want to curiously hover over critical user data insights and analytics such as, who are those initial users and how did they end up installing your application? What are those features that are driving more user engagement, and which are those instances when users are facing difficulty while accomplishing a task? Further, you eagerly want these users to stay back, forever indeed, and then you want them to engage even more frequently.

Encountering these queries is certain and evident after launching your app and witnessing some good number of installs. However, these insights will serve you with optimal answers only when you consider optimizing certain app features based on these carefully acquired analytics. Remember that developing a robust application is the first task, acquiring genuine users is the second task, whereas engaging and monetizing users is the third and the most daunting task. To accomplish the same, first you need to acquire a source that lets you access a plethora of real-time insights and analytics around your app.

AppN2o, with its competitive App analytics and insights Services, will set up a standalone app analytics platform for your application. This platform will bring together a plethora of answers to how, when, where and by what kind of users your app is used. Availing this service will let you hover over important demographics, measure user behaviour, acquire user acquisition analytics, in-app usage analytics and avail access to other critical insights around your app.

Our skilled team members will conduct end-to-end analysis to precisely help you track things that makes sense for your app. We believe that every great application has something more to serve beyond the download numbers and revenue. And, our respective service is designed to track those elements that will lead you to better app optimization processes.

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