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‘Tis The Season!, and the festive spirit seems to be getting better and better each passing day. We have Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and manger to lighten up our living places. Accepted. But now, we have some great tech adorns as well taking the form of Christmas apps to brighten up our favourite devices, literally. …

safety app

Pronounced ‘Wepa’, Uepaa is an award winning outdoor safety app which can save lives. With the help of this app you can be sure of your safety when outdoors, especially up in the mountains. Uepaa connects you to a worldwide safety network. Uepaa has won several awards including World summit Award 2013. It was also nominated …


February is here and so are we. The month may have a few lesser days but a lot has been happening in the appsphere. Let’s discuss 10 exciting apps we found for you this month. They are creating a buzz and are interesting.  We bet they will keep you engaged for hours. Let’s have a …