Cost Per Click is one of the most Cost effective methods, where the advertiser pays the publisher each time their ad is clicked.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaign is one of the well-known models wherein, a set price is to be paid each time a viewer clicks on the ad displayed, rather than using the bidding system. So, you might think how does it even help to pay for when a user simply clicks on the ad, whereas you can pay for when a user installs your advertised app?

Nevertheless, CPC has ts own standalone benefits to offer. Apart from being able to target potential users at the right time and place, CPC lets you examine both user quality and behavioral analysis. This simply gives you a stronger hold over targeting your potential users more effectively.

Cost-Per-Click campaigns can be formulated in either of the ad formats: Display Banner Ads, Video Ads, Rich media Ads, Expandable Ads and Interstitial Ads.

To serve you with the most intuitive and visually creative ads, so as to trigger maximum clicks on your app ads, our renowned team of designers and marketing experts will come together to accomplish the process of planning, creating and deploying your ad. We will conduct an end-to-end analysis before suggesting the ideal ad format and other relative tools to ensure that your app ad successfully accomplishes the target click-through rate.

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