Cost Per Install ad puts the app developer in the driver’s seat of being an advertiser and publisher, and helps them to quickly drive downloads.

You might be wondering how does Cost Per Install work around marketing an app! Cost Per Install, also known as Pay Per Install, is one effective method to advertise apps and thereby acquire loyal users. It is a cost-efficient method that deals with performance-based pricing. In a lay man’s term, as a developer you only pay the price when someone installs your advertised app. At AppN2O, we suggest the best cost for each installation based on the specifics of your target market and the number of installation you are anticipating post advertisement.

The CPI ad format can be bifurcated into two segments, viz. Incentivized CPI and Non-Incentivized CPI.

Incentivized CPI

Within incentivized CPI, your app is advertised through another app which offers virtual rewards to its users for downloading your app. It means that the users are being incentivized for installing your app.

Non-Incentivized CPI

Within non-incentivized CPI, your app is advertised through another app which simply displays your app to its users, but doesn’t reward them with anything. It means that the users will be installing your app without being rewarded for the same.

We have conceptualized a unique Cost Per Install model after analyzing different facets of this ad format to help our clients acquire loyal users in a cost effective way. We will analyze the app and create a CPI campaign that will best suit the developers and marketers. This campaign will lead the advertised app to witness scores of installations. With every install the app will be pulled up in the app store charts, eventually increasing the visibility and improving its organic performance.

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