Publishing press releases is the first step towards setting out to create public relations strategy, only to get out your message in the most effective way.

Reporting your app to the media is critical in terms of getting your app under spotlight. Afterall, creating awareness and attaining maximum reach is the milestone prior to witnessing back to back installs. Our skilled marketing professionals have hands on with developing and incorporating appropriate content that assures the media’s attention.

At AppN2O, we appoint skilled copywriters who craft appropriate content for the press releases. This content is then proofread by our marketing experts, which is further forwarded to the client to get it reviewed and receive an approval. Thereby, the approved press release is distributed to the publishing sites.

We schedule and customize the press releases based on the latest activities taking place around your app. We plan a release prior to the app launch, post app launch, and even when the app is updated with a new feature. If your app is up to something new, we will find a reason to get it across the media.

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