News In Shorts

News In shorts is one of its kind news app that literally stands true to its name. This app brings forth all the leading news incorporated in less than 60 words. AppN2O keenly helped News in Shorts witness a total of 10,000 installs per day, driving the app’s position to greater heights.

  1. Objective: App Download

  2. Solution: CPI Ad Campaign with Banner ads

  3. Target: India

  4. Platform: Android

  5. Current Installs: 1,00,000 – 5,00,000

News in Shorts: CPI Campaign

News in Shorts offers ‘Crisp News within 60 words’. Just as the name suggests, this distinctive application provides its readers a completely new reading experience altogether. The idea behind providing ‘short news stories’ is quite evident, and it is to help the mass acquire all the important happenings around them even in their most busy schedules. These crisp articles, without beating around the bush, give out as much information that is enough for the reader to know.

The Objective

News in Shorts, unlike any other news app, offers extremely short news stories to the readers who wish to keep themselves updated even in their busy routines. News in Shorts partnered with AppN2O to run result-oriented CPI (Cost Per Install Campaign) to boost the download numbers of the app. The skilled marketing team at AppN2O developed a robust CPI ad campaign strategy to help leverage the install figures to a greater extent.

The Procedure

The marketing team at AppN2O accurately planned the advertising strategy for News in Shorts app.

The team first conducted an analysis in order to pick the right ad campaign from an array of campaigns, namely CPI (Cost Per Install), CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mile.)

After the initial research, the team then decided upon deploying non-incentive CPI campaign for this unique news app.

The next step was to short list relevant ad networks based on their offerings and performance.

After selecting the right ad networks, a precise negotiation on the final CPI rates was carried out depending on the target market. Once the CPI rates were finalized, the team then commenced with tracking SDK integration process.

The next and very critical milestone while deploying the campaign was to strategize the development of ad creatives and plan its implementation.

The AppN2O team decided upon creating Banners for the ad campaign. The ideas were discussed with the creative team to come up with effective banners.

Eventually, the submission of creatives was made possible which resulted in the initiation of this campaign.

The Accomplishments

Soon after the initiation of the CPI campaign, News in Shorts app began to witness over 500 daily installs with a total of 10,000 installs. (The figure of total installs is achieved on client’s requirement, which can be tweaked and achieved beyond 10,000.)

This accurately planned and implemented CPI ad campaign managed to encounter over 5,00,000 ad clicks with more than 2 million ad impressions.

We also helped the app achieve retention ratio of more than 15%.

With that, we allowed News in Shorts’ team to avail real-time reporting through efficient ad tracking dashboards like MAT, Appsflyer and more.

The overall impact of the CPI campaign proved noteworthy, and it led the app to witness a great boost in its position within the app store with a drastic increase in its installation numbers.

The News in Shorts team was extremely satisfied with the way AppN2O conducted the end-to-end process of its CPI campaign.

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