According to a study, social media marketing is capable of delivering the highest quality users for mobile apps.

Social media marketing enables your app to showcase itself to a large audience that can lure numerous demographics. But, remember that your potential and existing audience also looks up to these platforms to connect with you in terms of giving feedback or an advice or two.

At AppN2O, prior to designing your Social Media Marketing strategy, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your app to target the potential social networks and pick the right marketing tools to attract niche users for your app.


At AppN2O, we will carry out an array of buzzing activities that effectively creates Facebook ‘Buzz’ around your app. It includes daily interactive postings, social bookmarking on various websites and sharing interesting links related to the app. Our marketing experts are capable of creating significant public awareness by enlightening numerous Facebook users to download your app.


Our team of marketing experts will efficiently boost the number of twitter followers by posting intriguing tweets at a consistent rate. Your app’s twitter account will be updated with attractive updates and posts that will engage the users and compel them to retweet – more retweets leading to greater awareness.

Along with offering services to create Buzz on the leading social media platforms, we have also included the latest platforms, viz. Vine, Snapchat and Pinterest in our offering list. Our marketing professionals have anticipated a tremendous scope of reaching out maximum target audience through these unique platforms.

We will create compelling 6-second video for your app to publish it on Vine. Within Snapchat, we will be uploading alluring snaps of the app to attract maximum people. Whereas, we will make best efforts to create Buzz on Pinterest by posting enticing photos and screenshots of the app.

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